Rainbow 3×3

When playing the Rainbow 3×3 casino game, the aim is to match three similar symbols on the same payline. There are 16 paying symbols in total, but only three of them appear on a payline at a time. The first row of reels can only contain low-value symbols, while the middle row can have a mix of low- and medium-value symbols. The bottom row is where the highest-paying symbols land.

The reels of this slot game are made up of three rows of three-reel machines. Players can win prizes when they match three identical symbols on any reel window. The reels of this video slot can be manipulated to control the stake amount. This means that the stake is multiplied by the number of reels and the number of active paylines. The highest stake is set at the maximum bet, which is where the pot of gold is hidden. If you want to get lucky and hit the jackpot, play the Rainbow 3×3 casino game today.

In terms of gameplay, the Rainbow 3×3 casino game is a 3-reel slot machine that pays out whenever three identical symbols appear on one payline. As the name implies, the more reels you line up, the more you win. Besides the large number of paylines, the game is also highly volatile, so you should be careful when you play it. If you're not sure about playing it, make sure to check with a casino before you start.